Regenrus Cares 2019

Regenrus Cares 2019

Year 2 Results: True Care Is Care In Action

In 2019 our Regenrus Cares Foundation pledged to give back 4% of all sales to those in need. Not only did we reach our goal, but we exceeded it and was able to give 6% to 20 organizations & completed our first ever Regenrus Cares Wellness Initiative in Mexico.  

In addition to the donations, we have two other give back programs that we support through Regenrus Cares. First the “Ohana Love” program where we gift our products to those who cannot afford the products or need more than the standard recommended servings. We also provide discounts to those who have unique and special circumstances where they cannot pay the full price for the products and need assistance. Since January 2018 we have provided over $4,150 in FREE products to those in need. Second through our sourcing of ingredients we look for the opportunity of giving back. For our RegenAloe™ ingredient purchase we partner with Mannarelief Ministries who feed the Hope Blend to malnourished orphans around the world. To date they have done more than 105 million servings to over 8M Orphans in 89 countries. Regenrus has provided over 68,000 servings since January 2018. In addition, we source Helichrysum from a family owned business in Croatia where three inspiring sisters who employ 1000 migrant workers twice a year to harvest Helichrysum and it is the only source of income to feed their families and provide basic necessities for their villages.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The Regenrus Cares team went to Puebla Mexico, to volunteer at the Viva Esperanza School, Clinic and Orphanage in November for their first Wellness Initiative. While there, they served in the Orphanage, School, Clinic, Community, Hospitals and Church outreach. They shared nutrition & wellness education, dental hygiene, home, fire & baby safety and talked about adult & child abuse support services. On the trip, they traveled to various communities and worked in the local hospitals. 

We are so grateful for the team and for the opportunity to do hands on work in service to those in need.

2019 marked a milestone as Regenrus celebrated our 2nd year in business! We not only met our commitment to give back, we exceeded it! To increase our donations, we released exciting new Wellness Teas and a new Certified Non-Toxic Skin Care line that is good for the whole family. 

Through all our purchases, voluntarism and cash contributions we were made a significant difference in the lives of people, animals and our planet.

We believe True Care is measured by Care in Action and we are proud to share our accomplishments and results we achieved in the video. We could not be more proud and through your continued purchases and sharing Regenrus products in 2020, we can grow and accomplish even more to help those in need.