RegenrusCARES™ believes that global giving supports what matters to all of us:
People, Animals, and the Planet.

Featured Causes

Children's Advocacy Center of North Texas

Children’s Advocacy Center for North Texas and our partners are the front-line responders to reports of child sexual abuse in Denton County and Wise County. CAC came about after the Denton County District Attorney’s Office saw a need for not only a united effort in fighting child abuse in Denton County, but also a means to provide healing to young victims and their families.

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Denton Animal Support Foundation

DASF has been a non-profit organization whose mission is to save more Denton area animals. They accomplish this by focusing on four major components: Education, the City of Denton Animal Shelter, Lake Dallas Animal Shelter, and the Denton community. The strategic goal is to ultimately save more Denton area animals through adoption and prevention of abandonment.

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Pure Earth

Pure Earth is a leading global non-profit focused on solving the pollution crisis in low-and middle-income countries. In a world where pollution doesn’t stop at borders and we benefit from an interconnected global economy, we all have a responsibility to be part of the solution. Together we can solve pollution, save lives, and protect the planet.

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