Regenrus Cares: A Social Impact 2019

Regenrus Cares: A Social Impact 2019

Year 2 - True Care is Care in Action

The seasons change and as we approach Spring in our second year we couldn’t be prouder to share with you the continued strides the Regenrus Cares Social Impact Foundation is taking action to make a significant and positive change to support global health and wellness. With the Regenrus high quality, organic and consciously sourced product ingredients providing both work to countless refugees and premium nutritional support to malnourished children all over the world. 

Wellness is naturally interconnected and as one woman’s story blossomed over time her experiences in health led her to starting a benefit corporation to help others in their wellness journey. Creating a community that has brought together holistic hearts centered herbalists, scientists, business experts and a vibrant Ohana committed to reimagining the way wellness can be. Integrating work life and purpose to live the most vibrant life possible.

2019 kicked off with sharing that our first Medical Brigade to Living Hope International in Mexico is being planned for November 16th – 23rd (the now confirmed dates). To support these efforts the continued 4% of product sales in the month of January and February will go towards providing the MannaRelief Hope Blend nutritional supplement to the orphanage that we will be sponsoring and visiting. Planning the trip has already been an incredible learning experience and collaborations across the country and borders working with our growing team of both medical and non-medical professionals.

March brings blossoms with the launch of the new skincare line and supporting the multitude of Serve Denton organizations. 

If you haven’t seen it yet we invite you to watch our 2018 Regenrus Cares Social Impact Year-In-Review by clicking here for a beautiful highlight of the expanse of the what was accomplished together in living a life of purpose.

Join us as we continue to make a lasting impact on people, animals and our planet to be a force for good. Good for you, good for me, good for the whole! 

 THANK YOU for joining us on this incredible journey and for helping us make a profound impact through every product purchased.  

We hope this finds you in good health and spirits today and every day!

 Joy, Love & Peace! 

 The Regenrus Cares Social Impact Foundation