Spread Good Health and Hope

Spread Good Health and Hope

“ What is the essence of life? To serve others and do good.”  


Making a difference both locally and globally has been our passion since the inception of our company.

A core foundation of Regenrus is our social impact community, Regenrus Cares.  Our social impact model is well thought out to ensure that we are providing a measurable effect from each product transaction. That is why Regenrus Cares donates a minimum of 4% of all sales every month to different charities locally, nationally and globally for people, animals and our planet.

We are very proud knowing we are close to achieving a milestone of $20K by the end of 2020 and look to you to support us in that goal while also focusing on the health and wellness of yourself and your loved ones.

For December, our team chose Living Hope International, Inc, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that provides critical care to at-risk youth in Puebla, Mexico. Having visited this community, we can attest to the great work being done there. 

Currently the organization supports five ministries to provide shelter, nutrition, clothing, education and development for children and youth who would otherwise be homeless. By ensuring a basic education, these children can go on to learn a trade and break the cycle of poverty and homelessness in a country that sees too much of both.

Kimberly Eisendrath founding member and chairperson for our Regenrus Cares foundation had this to say about our visit to Esperanza Viva… 

"During our visit I woke each morning to watch the sunrise and pray over our trip and for each and every person of every age on that campus. Walking through the grounds and locking eyes with those there in passing or in community time, I will never forget seeing and experiencing a feeling of love, hope, joy and faith like never before. Something I will forever treasure and strive to find a way to share also with those that cross my path."

Christmas for the Kids of Esperanza Viva 

Every year, the dedicated team at Esperanza Viva come together to give a special Christmas celebration for these children, many having this opportunity for the first time. The children decorate cookies, play games and sing carols.   

On Christmas Eve, each dorm gathers to enjoy a special dinner followed by a Christmas day filled with celebration, food, love, fun and hope. The staff makes sure to show these children that someone does care about them, and that God’s love is for everyone. 

“While we weren’t there during Christmas, our visit in November included some of the preparation celebrations with tree-trimming and entertainment by the kids. Singing and dancing, concerts, fireside reflections and hymns… there was so much joy in everything they do.” Brenda Raley, co-founder and Chief People Officer.

We recognize that this has been a tough year for everyone due to the pandemic. The children at Esperanza Viva are not immune from the pandemic. In fact, many low and no-income families are hard hit, as is orphanages and care-giving facilities like Esperanza Viva. This year it is even more important that we as a social impact community come together and do all we can to help those with less resources.

A Caring Community Can Do Great Things

Regenrus products are an excellent way to give to a community in need, while also providing you or a loved one with a high-quality gift. Even with the struggles of 2020, our organization has provided over $19,000 in charitable give-back and $4,000 in free products to over 47 non-profits since our inception in January of 2018. 

You can see a list of these non-profits on our Regenrus Cares page, which includes the Alzheimer’s Association, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, the North Texas Food Bank, and the Loveland Foundation, just to name a few.   In 2020 we chose to dig deeper and increase our 4% commit to 7% of product orders as our charitable give-back even though our sales have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. 

We are grateful for our customers who believe in our wellness collection and our skin care line. Our products are science-based, non-toxic and certified organic. Join us in giving to our global communities in need by purchasing our wellness or skin care products today!