Giving Back: Recycled Mats

Giving Back: Recycled Mats

Social impact is the effect an organization's actions have on the well-being of the larger community. Our Regenrus Cares Program is designed to make a significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge where our focus is to meet the needs for causes that we serve.

“At Regenrus, we measure and report the effect our global community actions have on the well-being of People, Animals and our Planet. ”

— Cindy Tysinger

Plastic bags are one of the worst offenders of wasteful products polluting the Earth's oceans and occupying the limited space of landfills. Hundreds of thousands of plastic bags are dumped into landfills each hour or thrown away each minute.

So what can we do about it?

Opting to use green canvas bags for your grocery shopping is an effective option, but many people still have excess plastic bags lying about the place. Rather than throwing them out, you can reuse them by crocheting them into multi-purpose mats (known as 'plarn' – plastic yarn). 

In particular, "plarn" can be used as sleeping mats for people without access to shelter. As sleeping mats, they're more hygienic, waterproof, easily transportable, and provide protection from the cold concrete. They're a welcome comfort to those living rough, while also keeping more plastic out of a landfill and our marine systems!

Several charities across the United States have taken this initiative on board and have enthusiastically agreed to accept donations of plastic mats to be redistributed to the homeless. That's what Jim and Brenda Raley and Rusty Love did!

With the help of Ecumenical Ministries of Fredricksburg, VA, Jim & Brenda Raley, Rusty Love — alongside others — took the time to assemble several mats that would directly benefit the individuals experiencing homelessness in their community. It was truly a rewarding experience to take part in, knowing that all the while a social impact was made. 


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Do Justice by:

  • Being a community conscience
  • Responding to unmet needs
  • Offering hope

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  • Fostering relationships of trust, respect and mutual support
  • Acknowledging every person’s dignity
  • Providing holistic care that empowers those in need to accept ownership and responsibility

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  • Practicing servant-leadership
  • Educating and mentoring the community to care for “the least of these”

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