Plastic Becomes an Environmental Hero

Plastic Becomes an Environmental Hero

We want to introduce you to one of our amazing friends who has taken the plight of plastic waste and turned it into an environmentally friendly housing solution. Yes, a solution that allows all types of structures to be built on demand with minimal tools while providing maximum results. 

 It is our pleasure to introduce you to Nev Hyman, a brilliant entrepreneur, surfer, and unintentional environmentalist. In 2013, Nev founded Nev House, which takes the waste we throw away and turns it into low cost, rapidly deployable shelter. 

Nev says “I never set out to be an environmentalist. Each of us have a calling, and my calling it is to try to make a difference in the environment and for those with less.”

From Surfer to Supporter 

Nev is a surfer, and traveling to the best spots to catch those waves was one of his favorite things. 

It was also how he began on the path of environmentalist. “I was in New Caledonia and was overwhelmed by the amount of plastic I saw on the beaches and in the water,” says Nev. “I thought a boat had gone down there was so much plastic.” 

Like many who want to preserve the environment for the sport or activity they love, Nev began working toward finding a solution. As the founder of Future Shapes surfboards and Firewire, Nev was no stranger to entrepreneurialism.

He founded a plastic recycling company, believing that the best way to focus on the issue of plastic in the oceans is to get it before it ever enters the water. Nev knew that finding a way to ensure that the plastic could be recycled and repurposed without shipping it overseas would make a bigger impact than trying to clean it up after the fact. 

He knew there was so much to be done. His brainchild, the Nev House, was born out of his strong desire to positively impact the environment and the housing crisis in our world. With his team, he devised a method to make composite panels with the plastic gathered before it ends up in our oceans and build housing for the poor or homes for homeless or even a granny pod if you need one. 

“We repurpose unsorted and uncleared plastic waste into shelter,” says Nev. “We take the waste, shred and grind it, and take a percentage as part of the master mix of making the panels for our modular buildings. It is a molding process, and we can use contaminated material.”

Nev’s modular designs allow for the structures to be used in multiple ways, from disaster relief buildings to permanent homes. And the end result is a building that will withstand a Category 5 Hurricane. 

“It’s all about providing shelter,” says Nev. “We can deliver our modular buildings anywhere in the world, build them out in two days and provide shelter against even a Category 5 cyclone.” 

The Nev House design is self-sustaining, so no concrete slabs are needed, and water and shelter is available almost immediately. This modular design ensures that if a rapid response is required, it is easily attainable. Plus, the structures can be taken down and used elsewhere.

As far as modular homes to address the homeless population and those with less, Nev House is a perfect solution. To address these issues thoroughly would outweigh the amount of plastic needed. “There is not enough plastic to build homes needed,” says Nev. “Plastic is not evil – the disposal of plastic is the problem.”

Tragedy Effects Positive Change 

In 2015 Hurricane Pam raged across the Pacific, laying waste to many areas as it swelled into a Category 5 storm. Nev’s team was deployed to support a hard-hit area in the Australian Outback – Benawatoo. 

They were able to build a medical facility and several community centers in five days. “This was our proof of concept. We built 15 structures in about a  month and a half so they could get back to their lives and begin rebuilding,” says Nev. 

The ability to empower people to pick up plastic before it becomes waste is powerful. Nev believes this will motivate people to do more and find a way to capitalize on the disposal of plastic. 

Nev understands how important it is to continue his work, particularly after visiting a small island also hit by Hurricane Pam – Mataso Island. He was completely overwhelmed by the tenacity of the people living there, and heartbroken by the fact that a woman, a mother, died because aid was not available. They simply did not get there in time. For Nev, this is not okay.

“Instead of focusing on resolving issues globally, I want to focus on one tiny island that is a microcosm of the planet. Mataso Island used to be home to 400 people. Now there are 50 and they are so vulnerable,” says Nev. “We have an opportunity to fix that island and help those people.”

Applications are Endless 

Nev House designs can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of commercial industries as well as supporting urban homeless challenges. Recently Nev met with the City of Denton, City of Knoxville and other interested parties in Tennessee. “In Knoxville, there was excitement around making components for building Clayton Homes. Our process can be reworked to make various components for buildings quite easily, says Nev. “We will be building our first U.S. plant in Tennessee.” 

The designs are simple, powerful and elegant. Architecture is an important aspect, and Nev House has won several good design awards in Australia. While Nev is open to bringing a commercial aspect to Nev Homes, his passion is to help others, like those people of Mataso Island who experienced serious devastation during Hurricane Pam. To learn more click here.

We invite you to watch Nev’s Limitless interview on the Regenrus YouTube channel. We are so honored to have people like Nev in our Ohana. At the end of the day, companies like Nev’s House focusing on People, Animals, and Planet are so important to us at Regenrus and we look to grow our partnership commitment with Nev.  Your Regenrus purchases make a difference as we continue to focus on positively impacting our world. Regenrus skin care and holistic products make great gifts for those special occasions while supporting positive social impact. 

So far this year, Regenrus Cares donated four percent of our profits to various organizations who continue to make a positive impact. These are Feeding America in January, Uganda Generation of Hope in February, Dress for Success in March, in April and HeartMath in May. Our thanks to all of these great organizations, and congratulations to Nev Hyman for a creative, powerful solution to major issue we all face today.