Thank You To Our Ocean

Thank You To Our Ocean

Have you ever been so far out to sea that you couldn’t catch even a glimpse of land? The Ocean has immense power to move mountains and house ecosystems that are even more diverse than those found above water. She is capable of feeding the blue whale, which is the largest animal known to have ever lived. She is capable of feeding humans with fish rich in Omega-3s and even bringing us superfoods like Spirulina. The Ocean acted as a cradle for the birth of our primitive ancestors. Today, we honor the unsung hero behind stabilizing our climate and shaping the world we know and love today - the Ocean.  


Coastal communities not only benefit from scenic views but also a more stable climate - all thanks to temperature insulated through the Ocean. It takes much more energy to affect the temperature of water than it does land or air - meaning water warms and cools very slowly. This simple function our complex ecosystems is just one of the many unnoticed luxuries that nature provides for us, constantly ebbing and flowing to make life possible. Even as “global-weirding” continues, we have been gifted such an ideal planet for our survival as human beings. 

Thank you Ocean for absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide that humans are creating! We will do our best to continue to live in balance and harmony with you.  

The Ocean makes it possible to rapidly cycle water through evaporation and precipitation, allowing river water to literally renew once every 16 days. We absolutely depend on the abundance of the ocean bodies, as our human bodies are mostly made of water. While there are many tangible ways to care for our Ocean, including recovering trash that has washed away and not overfishing vulnerable fish populations, we can also place our shared intentions into praying for the safety of our Ocean and freshwater sources.  

The sound of Ocean waves and skin-to-sand contact has been known to heal human beings since the dawn of time. The next time you have the opportunity to visit the Ocean, consider going beyond building sand castles or surfing on her waves by setting up a ritual to honor the Ocean.  

Ocean Honoring Ritual

Take a moment to find stillness in yourself, and imagine you're dissolving into the soft sounds of the Ocean and the wonderful scents that may be present. Imagine you're being completely integrated with the water of the Ocean, you are water too, you are nature. 

Zoom out and see yourself as the entire Ocean, your weight spanning the entirety of the planet and home to so many happy living organisms. Feel the healing that needs to occur and deepen your breath as the waves continuously remind you to move through whatever is coming up for you. Stay in this state of consciousness for as long as you desire and feel will show your gratitude for the Ocean.  

Thank you for being willing to honor the oceans that keep us alive!