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Rwanda Handmade Cloth Trivet Recycled Bottle Caps

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These colorful hand made cloth trivets are made by Rwandans at the Hope Store as part of the Hope for Children Ministries non profit program. Young Adults are trained for FREE in sewing at the Hope for Children School which then provides the skill needed to sew items to help feed their families.  

These trivets are beautifully hand made using recycled bottle caps and fabric pieces left over so that there is no waste. Choose from Large or Small

Purchase with Purpose - When you purchase Rwanda Hand made Cloth Trivets the proceeds are going to RegenrusCARES non profit to benefit Hope for Children Ministries.  

The mission of Hope for Children Ministries is to bring hope to the children of Rwanda. 

They bring physical and spiritual healing and opportunities to the people of Rwanda by focusing our attention on children who often face a dim future unless an opportunity intervenes in their lives. The life-changing opportunities they offer are Child Sponsorship and Education. They also provide opportunities for families to thrive through parenting classes, and to become self-sufficient through trade training and various other programs.