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Rwanda Handmade Agaseke Baskets 12" & 6"

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What does the Rwanda Agaseke basket symbolize? a symbol of peace, unity, generosity & compassion. It's an essential part of Rwandan culture everyday. Each bowl is a stunning one-of-a-kind bowl or wall hanging. You will love these vibrant baskets and they make great for gifts to family and friends.
Rwanda Agaseke baskets are made of sweet grass and sisal. It can be used as a bread, fruit or chip bowl, and also can be used for wall art and wall decor. It comes with a loop in the back which, can be used as a wall hanging basket. Whether as a wall hanging or displayed as a centerpiece, these traditional baskets lend versatility around any home. 

Baskets carry a special symbolism in Rwanda: friends and family give them to one another to celebrate milestones (weddings, births, etc.).  They are proudly displayed as a reflection of abundance in friendships, family and life. 

  • Safe to use with food (recommend using a decorative cloth to help keep the basket clean when using food that can stain the basket)
  • Includes a hang loop on the back for option of wall decor
  • Made by hand in Rwanda using organic dyes and all natural fibers of sisal and sweet grass

To clean: Do not submerge or wash with water. If necessary, use a damp cloth to wipe the basket clean.

Purchase with Purpose - When you purchase Rwandan Agaseke Baskets the proceeds are going to RegenrusCARES non profit to benefit Hope for Children Ministries.  

The mission of Hope for Children Ministries is to bring hope to the children of Rwanda. 

They bring physical and spiritual healing and opportunities to the people of Rwanda by focusing our attention on children who often face a dim future unless an opportunity intervenes in their lives. The life-changing opportunities they offer are Child Sponsorship and Education. They also provide opportunities for families to thrive through parenting classes, and to become self-sufficient through trade training and various other programs.